I was born on December 24, 1955. I had 3 brothers older than me.

I lived in an alcoholic household, cause my dad was an alcoholic. He was violant

to all of us when he was drinking. When I was very young he threatened to kill me

cause I hit him when we were supposively playing. He was after me for several days.

My mother had to stand between us. Through our live I was the only one that did not

knock him out. I was always downed by my dad. He had told me several times that I

would not mount to nothing. He was ok when he was sober, but that was very seldom.

 He beat up on my mother a lot, broke her nose and threntened to kill her a couple times.

The year of 1971 Christmas, I put up a big tree, and my dad had one of his fits and tried

To tear it up, but we stopped him. I grew and grew with anger and unforgiveness from

the past. My dad died on January 28, 1972. Yes I cried cause he died, but did not miss

his abuse. Part of me I guess was glad he was gone.

Dad drank most of the money up. He only gave mom a little to buy food and to pay bills.

I got a newspaper route when I was about 12 yrs. old. When I became 16 I worked at a 

supermarket. Dad died soon after my 16th birthday. I really believe that if my dad had not

have died when he did, I might have eventually killed him myself. I believe that I was the

only one that had not knocked him out. As much as I can remember all my brothers had

knocked him out .

It took many years after I got saved to forgive my dad. My forgiving started one night at aMinistry 

Camp in Columbus Tx. Pastor Price was speaking on getting by your dad and for all the ones that 

their fathers was dead to coming forward and the Pastor would bless them. But he could not bless

us is we had anger and unforgiveness against our earthly fathers. And I had plenty against mine so

Pastor Price laid his hands on me and I went down in the Spirit, then he had to yell at me before I 

could start releasing it, then I yelled like a pig, and started releasing it. I have forgiven my dad a little 

at a time and I hope I have totally forgiven my dad now and I hope he got saved before he died and is

 in Heaven now.

I finally graduated in 1976 from Sam Houston Sr. High School after 4 yrs of highschool.

I had to repeat a year because I hardly went and really did not care I guess.

In August of 1976, I started working for the City of Houston as a laborer. Six months later I became a

 tractor operator cutting grass for the city. Within 3yrs I was a Heavy Equipment

Operator 3. driving a Gradall and other machinery.

I worked for the City of Houston for 24 yrs. I was not able to work 25 yrs because I developed

An illness called Meniere’s Disease, (with symptoms of Virtigo) and had to retire with

Disability Retirement in 2000. It was difficult to live for a long time with this illness, but have learned to deal with it.

On September 20, 1980, I married Kristie. I realized later that I brought anger into

my marriage. But she had her faults also. Well, she left on January 9, 1987. Then she divorced

me later that year. I was deeply heart through this. But I got saved when she left. 

I became a born again Christian in January 1987. I have had many trials and storms

That I have gone thru. My eyes got opened and I knew that I was not saved when my

wife left in January of 1987. I had walked the ile in the church a couple of times before

that, but not for the true reason of accepting Jesus as savior, but for a show. I was

actually scared to accept Jesus before then. When a tragedy comes into your life, you

can turn toward God the Father or you can turn away from Him. I turned to the Father.

Even tho I turned to God, I still turned to Him for the wrong reason. I wanted to get my

marriage back. I started doing things for God really for the wrong reason. I was doing

them to get my wife back, not because I loved Him. But after time, lots of time, I got to

where I finally really did not want her back, I was just needed healing of the rejection in

my life. For a long time God kept me close to Him by His Spirit and by heavy conviction.

When He wanted me to do something, He would convict me so hard I had to do it cause

I could not take the heavy conviction. I was in depression for a long time, many yrs. But

thru it all I have had peace knowing that I was His.

Today I am following Him for the true reason, because I love Him. Jesus is the King of

Kings and Lord of Lords.

In March, 1987, The Lord told me to wait on Him, He would bring her home to me. At first I thought

God meant Kristie. But I was wrong. And later I was glad I was wrong. Twenty years went by. In 2007 I got a phone

call from a woman I had not heard from since 1971. My brothers first wife called me to ask me about

my brother. I told her Rodney was killed by a car accident January 1, 1989 while riding his bicycle.

Jeannie fell to peases and I helped her through it.

God gave me peace with her. Jeannie and I was married April 15, 2008.



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